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9 Symptoms Women Should Observe of the Menopause Transition Stage
As a woman it is crucial you seek more information about the perimenopause period, which lasts between one and two years. It is essential you know the symptoms of the menopause transition. Read more now to discover the nine signs to help see if you are perimenopausal.

Variations in period is the first symptom of the menopause transition. You may start experiencing irregular periods during this phase. You may also miss your period for some months during this stage.

Hot flashes and night sweats is the other sign of the perimenopause stage. Many women will get sudden body heats mostly during the night. It is advisable you consult a doctor about medicine you can take if you experience extreme hot flashes and night sweats.

You may also get vaginal dryness due to lower levels of estrogen. You may experience pain during sex when you have a dry vagina. One of the solutions to this issue is buying vaginal lubricants from a pharmacy.

Reduced sex drive is the other common thing that many women experience during the perimenopause stage. Women at this stage lacks the drive to enjoy sex with their partners due to hormonal changes. Hormone replacement therapy is one of the solutions to this issues; thus you need to visit a clinic such as Yunique Medical.

The other sign of being perimenopausal is struggling to fall or stay asleep. The hormonal changes in your body may cause sudden hot temperatures especially during the night. Thus, lack of sleep is due to the physical discomfort you are experiencing.

Many ladies gain weight during the menopause transition. To lose the weight and avoid more gain you should develop healthy eating habits and start going to the gym.

Menopause transition may also lead to urinary issues. Thus, you may have urinary tract infections and experience difficulties controlling your bladder.

Mood swings is the other sign of being perimenopausal. The changes in hormones production during this stage will affect your feeling. For example, you may become anxious, sad or easily irritated. You should, therefore, know the best solution to his problem. For example, you need to take a healthy diet and get friends you can share with your feelings.

Some women lose hair during the perimenopause. As a woman you should look for any signs that you may be losing hair.

Therefore, it is challenging for women to handle various aspects of their lives as their near the menopause stage. Hence, you should look out for the symptoms of being perimenopausal and how to handle them. Such as seeking hormone replacement therapy at the best clinic near you. You will aim to see medical professionals who can help ease the negative effects of the menopause transition.

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